Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do a presentation at the Library?

We offer all kinds of programs on different topics. Please reach out to discuss how your presentation might work into our program calendar. If you are an author, reach out to us about scheduling a program where you can talk about your book and make it available for sale too.

Do you have private study rooms?

Unfortunately, we do not have private study space available. There is a worktable upstairs outside the Maine History Room that can be used for quiet work but it is up a flight of stairs with no other accessibility. Our other meeting rooms are typically reserved for programs, but ask at the front desk to see if we can accommodate you.

Do you have a notary available?

We do not have a notary available on staff at present. Check with your local bank as many have a notary service.

Where’s the bathroom?

From the front circulation desk, turn left to head down the long hallway, and it is your second door on the left. From the rear of the library, head toward the front and once you turn the corner to the long hallway, it is your first door on the right.

How old does my child need to be to visit the library alone?

We ask that all children 8 or younger are accompanied by a responsible caregiver at all times. Responsible children ages 9 and up may visit the library on their own, but must follow all library expectations, including staff redirection. Staff do not act in loco parentis, and in the event a minor is not following the rules and is asked to leave, they should have a plan.

Is the Library or the Museum haunted?

With old buildings, there is always an air of mystery and superstition. People disagree on the presence of ghosts in our buildings, but according to the Paranormal Society of Maine, there were positive paranormal readings in Dyer Library. Please report any paranormal activities to your local librarian or Ghostbusters.